Intercultural Training Services is an intercultural consultancy based in Leiden, The Netherlands, providing courses for corporate and private entities. Specialising in teaching Dutch, British, European and Japanese culture, courses can be tailor-made into half day or full day coaching sessions within your workplace to meet your requirements.

Paul Simpson
Intercultural Lecturer & Trainer

Paul is a graduate of the University of London having qualified with a BSc HONS in Geography from Queen Mary College and a PGCE in teaching Geography from Goldsmith's College. Having lived and worked extensively in both the UK and The Netherlands within such industries as automotive, aviation, IT, navigation & mapping, pharmaceuticals and teaching, Paul started intercultural teaching through Mitsubishi in Europe and Japan. Now he is focused on providing private and corporate intercultural training across a range of different industries specialising in British, Dutch, Japanese and general European culture.

Wietse Buma
Dutch Cultural Tour Guide

Wietse is an experienced city tour guide and alumni of the University of Leiden, having obtained a Masters in History. After graduating from the University of Leiden, Wietse worked for several years in the Caribbean as a journalist and teacher at the University of Applied Sciences in Paramaribo, Suriname. Upon returning back to the Netherlands in 2006, Wietse began his career in providing guided tours in cities such as Leiden, Delft, The Hague, Haarlem and Brussels.  Besides being a city tour guide, Wietse also acts as an trainer for expats at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. 

Willemijn Simpson
Course Manager & Dutch Cultural Advisor 

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Willemijn has always been curious about other people, languages, countries and cultures, with a particular interest in the UK and Japan. After obtaining a Masters in Linguistics from Leiden University, Willemijn worked in translations and held a position at Leiden University, providing tailor-made language and intercultural training courses for such clients as Heineken, Astellas Pharma and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She currently works as a certified Core Talents Analyst in addition to managing courses, providing Dutch translations and advice on Dutch culture for Intercultural Training Services.

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